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Atlas Coding Sheets

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SNGOSnow Goose
ROGORoss's Goose
GWFGGreater White-fronted Goose
TUBGTundra Bean-Goose
CACGCackling Goose
CAGOCanada Goose
TRUSTrumpeter Swan †
TUSWTundra Swan †
WODUWood Duck
BWTEBlue-winged Teal
CITECinnamon Teal §
NSHONorthern Shoveler
EUWIEurasian Wigeon
AMWIAmerican Wigeon
ABDUAmerican Black Duck †
NOPINorthern Pintail
GWTEGreen-winged Teal
RNDURing-necked Duck
GRSCGreater Scaup
LESCLesser Scaup
KIEIKing Eider
COEICommon Eider
HARDHarlequin Duck
SUSCSurf Scoter †
WWSCWhite-winged Scoter †
BLSCBlack Scoter
LTDULong-tailed Duck
COGOCommon Goldeneye
BAGOBarrow's Goldeneye
HOMEHooded Merganser
COMECommon Merganser
RBMERed-breasted Merganser
RUDURuddy Duck
WITUWild Turkey †
RUGRRuffed Grouse
GRSGGreater Sage-Grouse †
STGRSharp-tailed Grouse
WIPTWillow Ptarmigan †
ROPTRock Ptarmigan
SPGRSpruce Grouse
GRPAGray Partridge
RIPHRing-necked Pheasant
PBGRPied-billed Grebe
HOGRHorned Grebe §
RNGRRed-necked Grebe §
EAGREared Grebe §
WEGRWestern Grebe §
CLGRClark's Grebe † §
ROPIRock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)
BTPIBand-tailed Pigeon
ECDOEurasian Collared-Dove
WWDOWhite-winged Dove
MODOMourning Dove
YBCUYellow-billed Cuckoo
BBCUBlack-billed Cuckoo
CONICommon Nighthawk †
COPOCommon Poorwill †
EWPWEastern Whip-poor-will †
CHSWChimney Swift †
RTHURuby-throated Hummingbird
ANHUAnna's Hummingbird
CAHUCalliope Hummingbird
RUHURufous Hummingbird
VIRAVirginia Rail
AMCOAmerican Coot
YERAYellow Rail †
SACRSandhill Crane †
COMCCommon Crane
WHCRWhooping Crane
BNSTBlack-necked Stilt †
AMAVAmerican Avocet
BBPLBlack-bellied Plover
AMGPAmerican Golden-Plover
SEPLSemipalmated Plover †
PIPLPiping Plover †
MOUPMountain Plover †
SNPLSnowy Plover †
UPSAUpland Sandpiper
LBCULong-billed Curlew †
BARGBar-tailed Godwit
HUGOHudsonian Godwit
MAGOMarbled Godwit
SBDOShort-billed Dowitcher †
LBDOLong-billed Dowitcher
AMWOAmerican Woodcock †
WISNWilson's Snipe
WIPHWilson's Phalarope
REPHRed Phalarope
RNPHRed-necked Phalarope †
SPSASpotted Sandpiper
SOSASolitary Sandpiper
LEYELesser Yellowlegs
SPRESpotted Redshank
GRYEGreater Yellowlegs
RUTURuddy Turnstone
REKNRed Knot
CUSACurlew Sandpiper
STSAStilt Sandpiper
BBSABuff-breasted Sandpiper
BASABaird's Sandpiper
WRSAWhite-rumped Sandpiper
LESALeast Sandpiper
PESAPectoral Sandpiper
WESAWestern Sandpiper
SESASemipalmated Sandpiper
LTJALong-tailed Jaeger
PAJAParasitic Jaeger
POJAPomarine Jaeger
BLGUBlack Guillemot
ANMUAncient Murrelet
LIGULittle Gull
ROGURoss's Gull
BLKIBlack-legged Kittiwake
SAGUSabine's Gull
BOGUBonaparte's Gull §
FRGUFranklin's Gull §
SBIGShort-billed Gull † §
RBGURing-billed Gull §
WEGUWestern Gull
HERGHerring Gull §
GBBGGreat Black-backed Gull
GLGUGlaucous Gull
LBBGLesser Black-backed Gull
CAGUCalifornia Gull §
SBGUSlaty-backed Gull
ICGUIceland Gull
LETELeast Tern †
CATECaspian Tern † §
BLTEBlack Tern §
FOTEForster's Tern §
ARTEArctic Tern † §
COTECommon Tern §
RTLORed-throated Loon †
PALOPacific Loon †
COLOCommon Loon
YBLOYellow-billed Loon
MAFRMagnificent Frigatebird
DCCODouble-crested Cormorant §
AWPEAmerican White Pelican §
AMBIAmerican Bittern
LEBILeast Bittern
YCNHYellow-crowned Night Heron
BCNHBlack-crowned Night Heron §
LBHELittle Blue Heron
TRHETricolored Heron
SNEGSnowy Egret †
GRHEGreen Heron
CAEGWestern Cattle Egret †
GREGGreat Egret † §
GBHEGreat Blue Heron §
WFIBWhite-faced Ibis † §
TUVUTurkey Vulture †
WTKIWhite-tailed Kite
GOEAGolden Eagle †
MIKIMississippi Kite
NOHANorthern Harrier
SSHASharp-shinned Hawk
COHACooper's Hawk
AGOSAmerican Goshawk
BAEABald Eagle
BWHABroad-winged Hawk
SWHASwainson's Hawk
RTHARed-tailed Hawk
RLHARough-legged Hawk
FEHAFerruginous Hawk †
BNOWBarn Owl †
WESOWestern Screech-Owl †
EASOEastern Screech-Owl †
SNOWSnowy Owl
GHOWGreat Horned Owl
NHOWNorthern Hawk Owl †
NOPONorthern Pygmy-Owl †
BUOWBurrowing Owl † §
BDOWBarred Owl †
GGOWGreat Gray Owl †
LEOWLong-eared Owl
SEOWShort-eared Owl †
BOOWBoreal Owl †
NSWONorthern Saw-whet Owl
BEKIBelted Kingfisher
WISAWilliamson's Sapsucker
YBSAYellow-bellied Sapsucker
RNSARed-naped Sapsucker †
LEWOLewis's Woodpecker
RHWORed-headed Woodpecker †
RBWORed-bellied Woodpecker
ATTWAmerican Three-toed Woodpecker
BBWOBlack-backed Woodpecker
DOWODowny Woodpecker
HAWOHairy Woodpecker
PIWOPileated Woodpecker
NOFLNorthern Flicker
AMKEAmerican Kestrel
PEFAPeregrine Falcon §
PRFAPrairie Falcon †
OSFLOlive-sided Flycatcher †
WEWPWestern Wood-Pewee
EAWPEastern Wood-Pewee †
YBFLYellow-bellied Flycatcher
ALFLAlder Flycatcher
WIFLWillow Flycatcher
LEFLLeast Flycatcher
DUFLDusky Flycatcher †
WEFLWestern Flycatcher §
EAPHEastern Phoebe
SAPHSay's Phoebe
GCFLGreat Crested Flycatcher
WEKIWestern Kingbird
EAKIEastern Kingbird
STFLScissor-tailed Flycatcher
WEVIWhite-eyed Vireo
YTVIYellow-throated Vireo †
CAVICassin's Vireo
BHVIBlue-headed Vireo
PHVIPhiladelphia Vireo
WAVIWarbling Vireo
REVIRed-eyed Vireo
LOSHLoggerhead Shrike †
NSHRNorthern Shrike †
CAJACanada Jay
PIJAPinyon Jay
STJASteller's Jay
BLJABlue Jay
BBMABlack-billed Magpie
CLNUClark's Nutcracker
AMCRAmerican Crow
CORACommon Raven
BCCHBlack-capped Chickadee
MOCHMountain Chickadee
BOCHBoreal Chickadee
HOLAHorned Lark
BANSBank Swallow §
TRESTree Swallow
VGSWViolet-green Swallow †
PUMAPurple Martin §
NRWSNorthern Rough-winged Swallow §
BARSBarn Swallow §
CLSWCliff Swallow §
RCKIRuby-crowned Kinglet
GCKIGolden-crowned Kinglet
WBNUWhite-breasted Nuthatch
RBNURed-breasted Nuthatch
BRCRBrown Creeper
BGGNBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
ROWRRock Wren
HOWRHouse Wren
PAWRPacific Wren †
WIWRWinter Wren
SEWRSedge Wren
MAWRMarsh Wren
AMDIAmerican Dipper
EUSTEuropean Starling
GRCAGray Catbird
CBTHCurve-billed Thrasher
BRTHBrown Thrasher
SATHSage Thrasher †
NOMONorthern Mockingbird †
EABLEastern Bluebird
MOBLMountain Bluebird
TOSOTownsend's Solitaire †
VATHVaried Thrush
GCTHGray-cheeked Thrush
SWTHSwainson's Thrush
HETHHermit Thrush
WOTHWood Thrush
AMROAmerican Robin
NOWHNorthern Wheatear
BOWABohemian Waxwing
CEDWCedar Waxwing
HOSPHouse Sparrow
ETSPEurasian Tree Sparrow
AMPIAmerican Pipit
SPPISprague's Pipit †
EVGREvening Grosbeak
PIGRPine Grosbeak †
GCRFGray-crowned Rosy-Finch
HOFIHouse Finch
PUFIPurple Finch
CAFICassin's Finch
CORECommon Redpoll †
HOREHoary Redpoll †
RECRRed Crossbill
WWCRWhite-winged Crossbill
PISIPine Siskin
AGOLAmerican Goldfinch
LALOLapland Longspur
CCLOChestnut-collared Longspur †
SMLOSmith's Longspur
TBLOThick-billed Longspur †
SNBUSnow Bunting
RUBURustic Bunting
GRSPGrasshopper Sparrow
CHSPChipping Sparrow
CCSPClay-colored Sparrow
FISPField Sparrow †
BRSPBrewer's Sparrow
BTSPBlack-throated Sparrow
LASPLark Sparrow
LARBLark Bunting
ATSPAmerican Tree Sparrow
FOSPFox Sparrow
DEJUDark-eyed Junco
WCSPWhite-crowned Sparrow
GCSPGolden-crowned Sparrow
HASPHarris's Sparrow
WTSPWhite-throated Sparrow
VESPVesper Sparrow
LCSPLeConte's Sparrow
NSTSNelson's Sparrow
SAVSSavannah Sparrow
BAISBaird's Sparrow †
SOSPSong Sparrow
LISPLincoln's Sparrow
SWSPSwamp Sparrow
GTTOGreen-tailed Towhee
SPTOSpotted Towhee
EATOEastern Towhee †
YBCHYellow-breasted Chat
YHBLYellow-headed Blackbird §
BOBOBobolink §
WEMEWestern Meadowlark
EAMEEastern Meadowlark
OROROrchard Oriole
BUORBullock's Oriole †
BAORBaltimore Oriole
RWBLRed-winged Blackbird
BHCOBrown-headed Cowbird
RUBLRusty Blackbird †
BRBLBrewer's Blackbird
COGRCommon Grackle
GTGRGreat-tailed Grackle
WEWAWorm-eating Warbler
NOWANorthern Waterthrush
GWWAGolden-winged Warbler
BWWABlue-winged Warbler
BAWWBlack-and-white Warbler
PROWProthonotary Warbler
TEWATennessee Warbler
OCWAOrange-crowned Warbler
NAWANashville Warbler
CONWConnecticut Warbler †
MGWAMacGillivray's Warbler †
MOWAMourning Warbler
COYECommon Yellowthroat
HOWAHooded Warbler
AMREAmerican Redstart
CMWACape May Warbler
NOPANorthern Parula
MAWAMagnolia Warbler
BBWABay-breasted Warbler
BLBWBlackburnian Warbler
YWARYellow Warbler
CSWAChestnut-sided Warbler
BLPWBlackpoll Warbler
BTBWBlack-throated Blue Warbler †
PAWAPalm Warbler
PIWAPine Warbler
YRWAYellow-rumped Warbler
YTWAYellow-throated Warbler
PRAWPrairie Warbler
BTYWBlack-throated Gray Warbler
TOWATownsend's Warbler †
BTNWBlack-throated Green Warbler
CAWACanada Warbler †
WIWAWilson's Warbler
HETAHepatic Tanager
SUTASummer Tanager
SCTAScarlet Tanager †
WETAWestern Tanager
NOCANorthern Cardinal
RBGRRose-breasted Grosbeak
BHGRBlack-headed Grosbeak †
BLGRBlue Grosbeak
LAZBLazuli Bunting †
INBUIndigo Bunting †
PABUPainted Bunting
DICKDickcissel †
nullGreat Plains Toad
nullCanadian Toad
nullGray Treefrog
nullSpring Peeper
nullBoreal Chorus Frog
nullPlains Spadefoot
nullNorthern Leopard Frog
nullWood Frog

Please note: † Indicates a rare breeding species or SARA-listed (Species at Risk Act) species for which detailed documentation is recommended. Note that some of these species may be reasonably common in a limited area of the province or may be common as migrants (but not as breeders). § Indicates species for which documentation should be should be provided when a confirmed record is found. Species shown in gray italics are non-breeding visitors in the province. If you find evidence of breeding for any of them, please contact the Atlas office.

Additionally, species can also be considered rare at the regional level (marked with ‡ on the square summary sheets, the regional checklists and the online data entry forms), as well as a [rare] observation for the location and time of year. Documentation should be provided in both cases.

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