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The following quiz is designed to help you learn how to use the appropriate atlas breeding codes and how to deal with real-life situations while you are out atlassing. Almost all questions have been inspired by actual questions submitted by participants. In some cases, you may find that you would have interpreted a situation differently, but one of the goal of the quiz is also to try promoting a consistent approach by all participants when faced with similar conditions. If you have new questions to suggest, we encourage you to submit them to the atlas office.

Question # 87 of 100. A female Brown-headed Cowbird is observed entering a mature hardwood forest in June. She inspects a few trees before getting chased away by a pair of Red-eyed Vireos. Which breeding evidence codes should you ideally use? A) {V} for the cowbird and {D} for the vireos? B) {H} for the cowbird and {A} for the vireos? C) {H} for the cowbird and {P} for the vireos? D) {D} for both.

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